Aman Alam


Pleasure to have you here to know about me. I am a Software Engineer and a Developer Advocate, and I am based out of Toronto, Canada.

I build Android Apps, REST APIs, and sometimes, websites too. I also speak publicly in tech conferences and events on topics related to programming, mobile tech, or related to the software tools of my employers.

That’s me, along with my team at Twitter, speaking at MWC in 2016

I like building software and helping people at the same time, and this passion has helped me learn and experiment with many software technologies, and speak about them publicly too.

I started writing code in 2008 during my college, starting with Fortran (remember?), Java Swing and PHP. And later joined the professional workforce as a programmer in 2010

During all of this time, I have built software with different languages/platforms, such as Java (Swing, Servlets, JSP, Android), PHP (Vanilla, CodeIgniter), JavaScript (Vanilla, Node.js/Express.js, Loopback, jQuery, a bit of React.js).

These days, I am teaching myself Kotlin and GoLang.

In the initial years of my career, I built software with technologies and languages like Python, Action Script, ColdFusion, Flash Script, Lua Script, Blackberry Apps (remember?)

I am also a volunteering Tech Lead for an Indian startup in self-drive car hiring sector, helping it’s engineering team build the next level of their website, REST API and mobile apps.

To learn more about my professional profile, or to contact me, please feel free to use any of the following social links.

If you’re interested, I am also maintaining a blog here.

This website is basically a WordPress instance running on a Digital Ocean droplet.